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Dog Treats making a SPLASH for the Holidays

Local Dog Treat Bakery making a SPLASH by donating 20% of sales to the building of a local community pool for Ramona, CA. Sometime the world aligns perfectly for an Entrepreneur to combine business savvy with community needs. Ramona, CA is in need of a community aquatic center and who better to get the ball rolling than a group of community volunteers willing to put their time and passion into such a worthy cause? Join Dog Cake Bakery at the 31st Ramona Tree Lighting Ceremony and use your shopping list to do good in this community! SPLASH Ramona, a non profit organization was created to support the building of a community aquatic center in Ramona, CA. In order to pay for the marketing and administrative costs needed to fund a grassroots operation; Dog Cake Bakery stepped in to vend popular dog treats for this worthy cause! What goes better than the combination of dogs, charities, and Christmas? Join SPLASH & Dog Cake Bakery for this special event.


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