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An Entrepreneur in the Pet Industry since 2006; Leél Michelle previously owned an award winning brick & mortar pet boutique (1st Place "America's Coolest Store; Pets+ Magazine,) grooming salon, and pet bakery. Leel sold her grooming salon & boutique to former employee and celebrity Groomer; Gabriel Feitosa to scale her commercial dog bakery business.

Dog Cake Bakery was created to provide the pet industry & pet parents a collection of premium, dog treats, and dog birthday cakes. Following a career in corporate retail management and corporate amusement park management, Leél was inspired by her own pets to create brands that utilized her skills, creativity, and passion to build memorable businesses catering to pets, pet parents, & retailers nationwide. Leél enjoys giving back to the pet industry with trade show speaking engagements such as SuperZoo, Barkleigh Productions, and Global Pet Expo. Leél also consults with pet stores and grooming salons to improve their pet retail merchandising & grooming salon operations. Leél loves sharing her passion for animals in the pet industry and looks forward to sharing her passion with you!

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