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The sweetest Superbowl commercial goes to... the Dogs

The Farmers Dog recently released an adorable and inspiring Super Bowl commercial that celebrates the unconditional love between humans and their pets. In the commercial, a dog and his human are seen growing up with one another through all their important and beautiful life stages. The commercial blends heartwarming scenes of a dog and his person with inspiring music to create an unforgettable moment. This tear jerking Super Bowl commercial is a well deserved homage to all that is loyal and lovable about our furry family members.

Some people would argue that Americans' spoil their pets' more than most cultures around the World. If spoiling your dog with healthy food like The Farmers' Dog food or treats like our doggie donuts is wrong, I don't want to be right!

The Farmers Dog’s Super Bowl commercial is a great reminder that our pets are part of our family and deserve the best care we can give them. As pet owners, it’s important to take the time to understand our pets’ needs and provide them with the care and nutrition they require to stay happy and healthy. The better we treat our furry family members, the longer they can remain in our lives. The end of this Farmers Dog commercial leaves us with a catchy and truthful one liner that sums up the sweetest Superbowl commercial of 2023, "Nothing matters more than more years together." I managed to hold the tears back until that one liner hit the screen and found myself carefully swiping my tears away to avoid an ugly cry face. Well played Farmers' Dog, well played.

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